I’m drunk so I’m going to be crude. Although Turks enjoy fornication as much as anyone else, there exists one sexual act which they prefer to discuss exclusively through the medium of loanwords.… Continue reading

Turcizmi or not?

Usually when people talk about Turcizmi (Ottomanisms in BCS) they tend to bring up boring examples, like “ašikovati” or “hajde” or “sat”. Therefore, I wish to break up the usual monotony of this… Continue reading


I was giving an impromptu Turkish lesson to an American which a native speaker happened to overhear. I had uttered the common phrase “rica ederim”, and was corrected with “reca ederim”. Naturally my… Continue reading


In Persian dictionaries, one can find “سپاس” (sepâs) listed as a word for “thanks”, but one is more likely to hear this word from Kurds as “s(i)pas”, as many Persians have taken to… Continue reading


“Charas” is the name for a variety of hashish. I don’t smoke, because I’m not a criminal like you, but apparently it is religiously significant in certain Hindu sects. This is interesting because… Continue reading


In Kazakh, the instrumental case is -Men. That “e” is really “e”, not “low vowel”. It does not observe the laws of vowel harmony (though I did capitalise the “m” because of the… Continue reading

Nıgış? Nık? Ne?

I was reading about the Balkars on “Encyclopaedic Ethnography of Middle-East and Central Asia” (available for perusal on Google Books). The Balkars apparently derive their name from a varient of “Bulgar”, although if… Continue reading

Gevrek, etc.

In Turkey, İzmir is famous for its peculiar use of words, among the most famous of which is “gevrek”. Personally, I’m with them on that, as “gevrek” is a good strong Turkic word,… Continue reading

Caucasian Turkish Cuisine

This is a really great entry on “Istanbul Eats”, which is the best blog on eating in Istanbul for people who don’t speak Turkish. For Turkish speakers, they themselves recommend Harbi yiyorum, which… Continue reading

Orientalist Garbage

This is why I endeavour not to read comments on most websites: Chinese will never be the global language in 50, 100 or even 1000 years because understanding Chinese is completely linked to… Continue reading