Suck it.

So one of the Hebrew terms for “blowjob” is “מְצִיצָה” (mtziytzå), from the root verb “לִמְצֹץ” (limtzotz, “to suck”). The root past form (which is to say, the third person singular masculine past tense) is “מָצַץ” (måtzatz). This is the form which is most similar to the Arabic verb “to suck”, which is “مَصّ” (ma99), which also serves as the noun form and one of the Arabic terms for “blowjob”.

I feel I’ve contributed enough just by giving you that information, which all by itself should bring peace to the Middle East. But it may also amuse you to know that this word, which sounds most base to Arabs and Hebrews alike, also is in use in Turkish for “to suck” (as “massetmek”), but it is far too elite a word to be used for the base things Arabs and Hebrews would use it for. For that Turks would prefer to use the native Turkic “em-“, which of course has cognates in all the major Turkic varieties. However, my guess is that it originally meant “suckle”, as Tuvans apparently use it for that meaning only, with a seperate verb for other meanings of “suck” (which looks like the “sor-” of other Turkic varieties, but when you look for “ask” in that Tuvan dictionary, you start to wander down a mad Siberian rabbit hole whence there may be no escape).

Also Tureng translates “give someone a blowjob” as “birinin penisini ağızla uyarmak”, which was the first time I had heard the verb “uyar-“ used in that fashion.

In Azerbaijan “çalmaq” is apparently used as slang for fellatio as well. I am just giving you useful information left and right here.

As far as I can find, Central Asia’s Turks pretty much use the Russian “минет”, itself from the Franch “minette” (which, based on the Franch meaning, ought to refer to cunnilingus, which deserves a seperate blog entry at some later date). I am happy to hear a correction to this though, as I expect better of the Kazakhs than this.

UPDATE: In Lubunca, it’s “süpet/sipet alıkmak”.