A Turcizam underused by Turks

I like this so much I am tempted to put it up without comment:


That is from “Turcizmi u Srbskohrvatskom Jeziku”, a dictionary compiled by Abdulah Škaljić, a great Sarajevan who noticed decades ago one of the most pressing problems facing the Balkans: There are not enough resources on Ottomanisms in BCS available. I obtained this book on the advice of Dr. Kuzban Gunz, who is not a Sarajevan per se, but is what Comrade Burak might call a “Sarajevocu”.

What makes this particular word so excellent to me is twofold: Firstly, I love when the suffix “nica” is applied to Ottoman Turkish terms (ćevabdžinica, aščinica, etc.). It is most pleasing to me. Secondly, as soon as one sees “ekmekči” (and its variants and derivatives), one immediately wonders why “ekmekçi” is not more common than “fırın(cı)” in Turkey today.

Life is without objective meaning.

Incidentally, the Slavic verb “to bake” (as in “pekar” and “pekarna”) derives from a root I have covered previously on this very blog. So that is cute.