Orientalist Garbage

This is why I endeavour not to read comments on most websites:

Chinese will never be the global language in 50, 100 or even 1000 years because understanding Chinese is completely linked to understanding Chinese culture. English, on the other hand, is divorced from it’s original culture (which isn’t much of a culture anyway- I’m English and I struggle to identify what is ‘English culture’ myself).

The rest of your post rambles on and I don’t see anything significant, but then I’m not Chinese and Chinese language all seems long-winded, imprecise and unfocussed to me– see what I mean?

Let’s assume for a second that his underlying premise is completely true: Chinese people are just STEEPED in their CRAZY FOREIGN CULTURE and white people are “normal” and their language has no cultural implications (God forbid!*). Even so, why does he assume people first have to become “fluent” in Chinese cultural concepts, and then—and only then—can they learn the actual language, as if you don’t get exposed to the culture through the language?

Because he’s just another white guy lazily avoiding work by pretending he has legitimate reasons to be myopic.

It’s also funny that the author of this comment felt the need to show off how as an Englishman, he didn’t understand what English culture was all about, so he can’t be a small-minded nationalist!

But let me tell you sir, you have done an excellent job of displaying what English culture is all about: Ignoring everyone who isn’t English and pretending that doing so makes you smarter than them. Acting like you’ve proven an objective point by making racist generalisations about others. That is the English way. See? What could be more English than what I just said?

*You see, the joke there was that “God forbid” is a common utterance in English which is difficult to explain to people who come from a sufficiently different religio-cultural background. Also “goodbye” comes from “God be with you”, which implies the existence of a god whom one can wish to look after others, while “再見” comes from the idea that you will see the addressee again at a later time. Crazy Chinese! How can we ever explain that without first reading the Analects?!